Privacy Policy

Ántali Technologies, S.L. (“Ántali”) with corporate address at Parque Tecnológico de Galicia, San Cibrao das Viñas, Ourense hereby informs the users of this web page (the “User and the “Web Page”) its data protection policy (the “Data Protection Policy”) to allow the Users to freely and voluntarily determine whether or not they wish to provide to Ántali the personal data that may be requested by Ántali for its processing in relation with the subscription or registration for some services offered by Ántali in/or through the Web Page (which may contain particular conditions with specific provisions regarding personal data protection matters) (the “Personal Data”), as well as the information that may be obtained from the User during its access to the Web Page.
Ántali expressly reserves the right to amend this Data Protection Policy to adjust it to the applicable legal and/or judicial developments as well as to the industry practices. The amendments will be introduced by Ántali in the Web Page so Users should periodically consult this Data Protection Policy.


1. Personal Data collection and processing

The Web Page may request the fill-in of certain forms or the delivery of certain Personal Data by the User prior to access to some of the services rendered by the Web Page.
The Personal Data collected will be processed and inserted into the corresponding personal data files by Ántali, holder and responsible of the files. The personal data files are dully registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (Agencia de Protección de Datos) under the reference number(s) 2121920479 (the “Files”).
Ántali will provide the Users in advance with the adequate technical resources required to (i) access to this Data Protection Policy, or to any other relevant information, and (ii) grant their consent to Ántali to proceed to the collection and processing of their Personal Data.
The collection and automatized processing of the Personal Data has the following purposes: (i) provide the services offered through the Web Page, (ii) fulfillment of Ántali’s undertakings under the agreement subscribed by electronic means with the User, including, for illustrative purposes, the delivery of the clothes and accessories to the address identifies by the User, (iii) customization of the recommendations made by the intelligent engine of the Web Page, (iv) send survey form to the Users, (v) send advertising or promotional information to the Users regarding the products and services offered by Ántali or by third parties in connection with the sale and purchase of clothes and accessories which may be of the interest of the Users, expressly authorizing the User the delivery of such information by any mean, including electronic means, particularly, by e-mail.
Likewise, Ántali is entitled to disclose and use the Personal Date Collected to identify, contact or pursue the appropriate legal actions against, the individuals that may be damaging or infringing (voluntary or involuntarily) Antali’s or third parties’ property of any form (including, industrial property and intellectual property) regardless or not the individual is or not a User of the Web Page.


2. User’s rights

Users are entitled to exercise at any time their rights of opposition, access, rectification or cancellation in relation to the Personal Data contained in the Files contacting Ántali through any of the following addresses:
Through the delivery of an e-mail to the address:
Through the delivery of a communication by courier to the address: Parque Tecnológico de Galicia. San Cibrao das Viñas, Ourense, España.
As provided under Article 25 of Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, approving the implementation of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the protection of personal data, the communication from the User will include, at least, the following minimum legal details:
Name and surname of the data subject.
Photocopy of the national identity card (DNI) or passport or other valid identifying document of the data subject and, if necessary, of the person representing him, or equivalent electronic instruments; as well as the document or electronic instrument accrediting such representation.
A description of the data subject petition.
The address of the data subject for notification purposes.
Documents evidencing the petition made, if appropriate.
In consideration of the features of the services rendered and the content of the Web Page, the cancellation of the Personal Data will automatically entail the termination of the condition of User of the Web Page.


3. Personal Data Security

Ántali has adopted the security measures legally required to protect the Personal Data, and has adopted the technical and organizational means at its disposal to prevent the alteration, loss, processing, and unauthorized access to the Personal Data provided to Ántali. Notwithstanding the foregoing Users should be aware that Internet security measures are not infallible.


4. Cookies use

Ántali uses cookies when a User browses the Web Page. The cookies are a mechanism of collection of information that the Web Page automatically transfers to the User’s personal computer hard drive with the purpose of copying data on the visit and the browsing of the User through the Web Page. The cookies are only associated to an anonymous User and its personal computer and do not provide, on their own, the name or surname or any identification data on the User.
The cookies allow Ántali to recognise Users once they have registered for the first time, without being required for them to register on every visit to the site to access areas and services to which they have already accessed in the past. The cookies are valid for a limited time, it varies from the duration of the navigation session until several weeks.
The cookies used can neither read information of your hard drive or cookie files created by third parties nor provide information to individuals not belonging to Ántali. The server that activates the cookies is located in the url
The User has the possibility of configuring the browser to be notified on screen of the reception of cookies and to prevent their installation in the hard drive. Please read the instructions and manuals of your browser for further information.
The installation of cookies is not required for the User’s use of the Web Page, notwithstanding that if the cookies are not installed the browsing though certain sections of the Web Page may not be optimum or may be considerably slower than if the cookies are installed.


5. IP addresses use

An IP address is a number automatically assigned by the provider of Internet access to the personal computer or hardware of the User for the User’s browse of the Internet. When the User requests access to the Web Page, Ántali receives and recognize the User’s IP address. Ántali collects IP addresses for several purposes among which, are worth noting, the management of its IT systems, the collection of statistical information for its advertisers and, in general the control and monitoring of the use and number of visits of the Web Page.
Ántali does not link the numbers of the IP addresses with any data that allows the identification of a particular individual, i.e. the User’s visit is registered but its identity remains anonymous. Ántali expressly reserves the right to use the IP addresses numbers to, in collaboration with the User’s provider of Internet access, protect the services and/or the content of the Web Page, or the interests of its clients or those of any third parties, against breaches of any applicable laws.


6. Free-text fields

The free-text fields available in the Web Page have the sole and exclusive purpose of obtaining information that enhances the value of the services rendered to the Users.
Without Ántali’s prior consent, User shall not include in the free-text fields of the Web Page any personal data which may be deemed as data for which a medium or high level of protection is required in accordance with the applicable Spanish legislation (including without limitation data on the ideology, religion, beliefs, trade-union membership, health, racial origin and sexual preferences of the User).


7. Minors

The services rendered by Ántali are directed to individuals of legal age. If the User is a minor, he or she shall obtain his or her parents’ or legal guardians’ the prior consent for the collection and processing of the Personal Data and for the inclusion of the Personal data in the Files.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is extremely complicated to determine the actual age of the individuals that can access the services rendered in or through the Web Page and also whether or not individuals have the required maturity for the granting of their consent. If you were to discover that any of your children or minors under guardianship below eighteen years old is registered in any of the services rendered by the Web Page and you wish to cancel it, please contact Ántali in any of the Contact Addresses referred below.


8. Contact addresses

In case of doubts or queries in relation to this Data Protection Policy, User contact can contact Ántali through any of the following addresses:
Courier address: Parque Tecnológico de Galicia, San Cibrao das Viñas, Ourense
The information made available to Ántali by e-mail will only be processed and used for the purpose it was made available to Ántali and to respond the queries and suggestions made made by e-mail. Such information shall in no case be provided by Ántali to third parties.