• IT has been a key to efficiency and effectiveness
    in customer demand, manufacturing, and distribution

  • Now we are seeing a shift in technology:
    Social media technology, and mobility are dramatically
    changing the retail landscape

  • Is your company ready to successfully keep up with the
    booming demand of fashion-conscious consumers?

Technology and Social Media are speeding up the pace of change in the fashion arena

The sale of fashion has evolved over time through different stages but today a dramatic change is happening because of full and easy access to all kinds of information that Tech&Media have made easily available.

Technology is turning the whole fashion industry upside down. Big retailers have been democratizing fashion, making it affordable to a legion of new and various customers. Nowadays -setting aside wearables- designers, brands and retailers realize that the customer experience is an ongoing challenge.

Retailers are searching for ways to replicate in the digital world the in-store experience

Powering the evolution into a customer-centric business is mandatory. A goal for retailers and brands is to apply data and insights acquired first-hand to develop products and operations with customers, and keep both shop and website visitors engaged by the innovative use of IT tools.

New seamless shopping experiences across channels are needed, because at the end of the day, clients no longer buy products, but sensations and emotions.

However, this emotional relation with fashion is not always easy to incorporate into the customer relation model.

Personalization and emotional marketing in fashion are mandatory!

Most buying decisions are based on feelings and on creating an emotional connection with the consumer, but where this fact takes on an added dimension is in fashion. Because fashion is more than clothes, brands or trends. Fashion is about style, it is a form of self-expression, it is a statement of what we are going through emotionally at a given moment.

Retailers and brands are aware that they need to focus more on customer relationship than on products. Access to big data and new marketing technologies are the indisputable tools that will allow retailers and brands to give customers the personalized touch they are expecting.