• Everybody loves highlighting their unique character
    and looking pretty in spite of their major and minor flaws,
    because looking good make people feel better!

  • Antali Technologies has developed cutting–edge technology for a seamless
    integration of digital channels and bricks-and-mortar stores

  • Offer an innovative and exciting customer experience
    with OMNIBUZZ™, the Antali Technologies solution
    for fashion retailers and brands

Build up a new social and entertaining fashion-shopping experience

Attract people to the store and to the website and encourage them to Play & Buy

If you are a brand or a retailer, you will collect new and valuable Business Intelligence Data for your business

Antali Technologies is
In the intersection of Marketing,
IT and Fashion

Technology has always opened new marketing paths. What is different now is these new marketing paths are going faster. The search for a more personalized customer experience and meeting the expectations of the most demanding shoppers has become the new philosopher’s stone.

Because technology blurs boundaries between industries, people, places, devices, seasons, digital and bricks stores, etc. Antali Technologies has developed OMNIBUZZ™, a new software platform that merges fashion and marketing with technology as the driver and enabler.

Creating a seamless new shopping experience -beyond the omnichannel concept- is Antali´s challenge!

It must be shareable to appeal

Reading about, watching, listening to, learning, buying exciting things can be inspiring, but the real fun is getting out and connecting with people by creating a personal yet shareable experience that appeals to everyone.

People love sharing content and experiences that evoke highly positive emotions and feelings such as awe, excitement, amusement and humour.

To engage people by fostering positive brand emotions is Antali Technologies goal!

The better info you have, the better decisions you make

Collecting new data about customers lets you better understand who they are, what they love, what they look like, where they are planning to go. It means knowing each customer more individually, advancing opportunities and avoiding difficulties.

Transforming these new customer data into worthwhile information allows you to make sound decisions, ensure more effective marketing campaigns, and at the end of the day, to have happier customers, increase their loyalty, and the holy grail, boost sales and profits.

Gathering new valuable customer information is an Antali Technologies target!